Emily Matsuno

Sir Kensington's

Sir Kensington's

Sir Kensington's is a condiments company specializing in ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. The first condiment that kicked off the brand were their ketchup, which is one of a kind that not only tastes great but is made of up ingredients that you can actually pronounceーwithout the high fructose corn syrup and canola oil. High in demand within the natural food channel, as a designer at Sir Kensington's many of the projects involved food education and entertainment. Creating assets that helped reflect the brand and built a more sturdier platform for what the company stood for. Projects include creating social media content, restaurant signage, event design, posters, illustration, etc. 


Booth designs

This is a booth designed for a food show in Chicago. The concept was to show the audience a "chapter" of our brand and how far it has come as a startup condiment brand hence the shape of the booth being an open book. The right side is a frite stand because who doesn't want to try condiments with its best friend, fries. The booth graphics was designed to tell a bit about our brand and also highlight our three most popular condiments. The fry cones were decorated in a custom design to create a fun and lasting experience for those who were trying our condiments.