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MongoDB University


MongoDB University

MongoDB University is a program within MongoDB, a major database company. It offers immersive courses through public and private training taught by the MongoDB engineers. Personal certification programs are also provided for advanced users to take the next step to get certified. It's an institution that provides intensive hands-on experience for the software users. This is a personal project I worked on to rebrand their identity.

Brand Identity, Web design, Front End Coding


The origin and new ideas

The collection of logos on the top left shows that the original logo is derived from the emblem or crest imagery that the majority of the academic institutions use as part of their visual identities. On the right, are series of images that the people working at MongoDB University wanted to convey through their new identity. The mission was to create an identity that emphasized community and its passionate individual learners.

Taking the idea of the curly brackets in coding and combining it with the signature MongoDB leaf, the new identity for MongoDB University was born.


Entering MongoDB University

To match the branding, I restyled and wrote the code referring to the existing MongoDB University site which can be seen here. The first problem I tackled was the page navigation. The existing site had dropdown menus that repeated itself by redirecting you to a section of the homepage that didn't add to making navigating through the site any smoother. To solve that problem, I decided to add a sticky second navigation. The call to action such as registering for a course, can also be seen  in the beginning (on the second nav) and at the end of the page so users can register right away without having to scroll up and down so frequently. The sign in sidebar was added in so users were able to login to their account anytime while skimming through the site as well. Most importantly, the website is responsive. The reskinned version of site can be seen here.

See the Website


Use cases

With this branding, the brackets not only functions as symbols used in coding or programming but also becomes elements to highlight the determined, dedicated, and collaborative community at MongoDB University. The imageries below shows students celebrating and being fully engaged with their educational program(s). Followed by branding applications such as certificates, training booklets, swag or giveaway items, and hoodies.