Emily Matsuno

Chirimen Sansho Chihiro

Chirimen Sansho Chihiro

Branding, Packaging design, Lettering, Illustration

Chirimen Sansho is a traditional specialty dish in Kyoto. Chirimenjyako or Ojayko (written as "ちりめん" for short in Japanese), are juvenile sardines. The branding was inspired by these tiny sardines that are dried in the sun, then flavored and mixed with sansho berries. Many enjoy chirimen sansho over steaming hot rice. 


Story behind the brand

Chihiro, the founder and owner of Chirimen Sansho Chihiro, had always loved the chirimen her mother had made and was also popular within her friends and neighbors. She wanted to share her mother's special recipe to a bigger audience and decided to start her own chirimen business. She had lived in Hawaii for a few years and wanted to fuse Western flavors with this traditional Japanese dish. The results are unique, experimental, and bold new flavors such as the white truffle, basil, garlic, tomato, and macadamia nut.